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Puerto Rican Chef José Santaella Celebrates the Basics

09/05/2016 - CHEF - PRESS

By: Roger Morris, Staff Writer, The Daily Meal   The San Juan-based Santaella is perhaps the best-known of Puerto Rico's current crop of young, ambitious chefs   Talk about cooking creds. When Puerto Rican chef José Santaella published his Cocina Tropical cookbook two years ago, the foreword was written by none other than Eric Ripert. Turn over...

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Puerto Rican Chefs Pig Out

01/01/2015 - CHEF - FOOD - PRESS

By: Sonya Chudgar, FSR MAGAZINE - Link to Article -     Rising protein prices last year did not discourage chefs from going hog-wild over pork. In Puerto Rico in particular, chefs are advancing pork in ways the U.S. can learn from, like incorporating pig fat to infuse more flavor into a dish and thinking of texture to invoke a pleasant surprise in the...

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Celebrity Chef Jose Santaella Visits Oakwood Common

30/09/2014 - CHEF - EVENTS

By: NEWS RELEASE - Link to Article -   DEARBORN, Michigan – Residents of Oakwood Common in Dearborn were recently treated to a cooking demonstration and sampling of Puerto Rican delicacies by celebrity Chef Jose Santaella, restaurant owner and author of a new cookbook “Cocina Tropical: The Classic and Contemporary Flavors of Puerto Rico” to be released on...

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