Cocktails from Santaella…

Food Lover’s Guide to San Juan

13/04/2016 - FOOD - MIXOLOGY - TRAVEL

By: Fodors     With its Spanish, African, Taíno (Native American), and French influences, the food of Puerto Rico, or cocina criolla, has always been an adventure for the taste buds, one that utilizes the island’s natural gastronomic bounty. In the past few years, however, forward-thinking chefs have redefined the boundaries of their culinary...

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Behind the Bar with Michael Norat

18/12/2015 - MIXOLOGY - RECIPES

By: LAURENS LAST BITE   I was super happy to catch up with Michael Norat, Mr. World Class Puerto Rico 2015 bartender himself.  Trust me, he’s a busy man. His passion for spirits and mixology has come to match his first love, surfing. I’m glad we were able to chat.  Not only did he give me insight on where mixology and cocktails are headed in 2016, he also...

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Why You Should Be a Regular at Santaella, San Juan’s Most Sophisticated Restaurant

11/06/2015 - FOOD - MIXOLOGY - PRESS

By: Amanda Cargill, THE LATIN KITCHEN - Link to Article -   Sophisticated. This is the word that best describes Santaella, the beautifully designed restaurant and bar located in the heart of San Juan, Puerto Rico's hottest nightlife destination, La Placita de Santurce. A former hardware store, it was transformed by chef owner Jose Santaella into one of the island's...

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