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Puerto Rican Chef José Santaella Celebrates the Basics

09/05/2016 - CHEF - PRESS

By: Roger Morris, Staff Writer, The Daily Meal   The San Juan-based Santaella is perhaps the best-known of Puerto Rico's current crop of young, ambitious chefs   Talk about cooking creds. When Puerto Rican chef José Santaella published his Cocina Tropical cookbook two years ago, the foreword was written by none other than Eric Ripert. Turn over...

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Christmas in Puerto Rico

01/12/2015 - PRESS - TRAVEL

By: Tracey Minkin, COASTAL LIVING - Link to Article -   It is a feast of feasts, on Christmas day.   I'm sitting on a narrow wooden chair near the entry to a sprawling, open-air shack. A corrugated metal roof shields me from the tropical rain that's just blown through and the hot sun that's emerged. Behind me: jungle. On my lap: a Styrofoam takeout box...

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Why You Should Be a Regular at Santaella, San Juan’s Most Sophisticated Restaurant

11/06/2015 - FOOD - MIXOLOGY - PRESS

By: Amanda Cargill, THE LATIN KITCHEN - Link to Article -   Sophisticated. This is the word that best describes Santaella, the beautifully designed restaurant and bar located in the heart of San Juan, Puerto Rico's hottest nightlife destination, La Placita de Santurce. A former hardware store, it was transformed by chef owner Jose Santaella into one of the island's...

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