This section will outline the necessary operating procedures for takeout and food delivery to ensure that precautions are being taken to eliminate any chance of contamination between vendors, guests, and staff. Additional information can be found in the Takeout Steps of Service SOP.

Line Management
The process of picking up orders for takeout or to be delivered should be executed with minimal contact and comply with social distancing guidelines. Orders are encouraged to be placed with advance notice and pickup times should be designated to avoid crowding. Ensure there is appropriate signage posted outside of the restaurant to help guests find the designated pick up location as well as any important health and safety information.

When guests or couriers arrive to pick up their order, there should be a clearly marked space for guests to wait for their order. To avoid congestion, call, text, or email the guest to notify them that their order is ready and provide specific instructions on where to pick up their order. 

Delivery couriers should wait in an area separate from the guests if space allows and follow similar communication standards when the order is ready. 

Documenting & Contact Tracing
While offering meals and provisions to guests for takeout and delivery, consider developing a system for documenting who prepared each meal such as a card with the names of the cook, packager, and the date and time the order was packaged. This note should also ensure the guest that the employees are in good health and direct the guest to any website or guides that communicate the restaurant’s modified safety procedures.