Highland Park 12 Year Whiskey

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Twelve years in casks, imbued with the North Sea, 12 Year Old is the epitome of the Highland Park distillery style. This single malt brings together aromatic peat smoke and sea spray notes from the Orkney islands and big, rich flavors from the most sought after sherry seasoned oak casks for a taste experience like no other. Considered by whisky experts the gold standard among 12 Year Old single malts, this is a must try whisky.

5 stars - Highest recommendation. “An affordably priced masterpiece from the Orkney Islands and perhaps the finest 12 year old single malt Scotland has to offer.” - F. Paul Pacult, America's foremost expert on distilled spirits

“The greatest all-rounder among whiskies, because it combines so many elements: maltiness, smokiness, heather-honey notes and sherry character, in a rich, rounded whole.” - Michael Jackson, Scotland and its whiskies

“Few malts are as complete in flavor as this remarkable Orcadian spirit. The holy trinity of malt, peat and cask come together in heathery harmony.” - Andrew Jefford, Evening Standard Magazine

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