Ilegal Mezcal Reposado

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Aged for 4 months in ex-bourbon barrels. Sweet agave, light smoke. Toffee, vanilla, and hints of butterscotch and caramelized pear on the palate. Velvety throughout.

Ilegal began back in 2003ish, very informally & almost by mistake. Ilegal's founder, John Rexer, was transporting mezcal "creatively" from Oaxaca to supply his bar, Cafe no Se in Antigua Guatemala. The first mezcal bar outside of Mexico.

In 2006, the brand, Ilegal, was created, originally to continue to supply the bar in Guatemala. As tribute to this origin, the back of each bottle of Ilegal reads, �Originally produced for: Caf� No S� Mezcal Bar".

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